Benefits of Lemon

Benefits of lemon.

I just learnd the many benefits of lemon. Lemon is used for many different purposes. I often use lemon as a skin brightener. If you use lemon coupled with olive oil it can be used as a bleaching agent. Of course you have to apply sun screen afterwards to keep your skin from forming dark spots. I use a fresh cut lemon twice a day to improve the  clarity of my skin and to keep my skin soft and even. Lemon can also be used as a cleanser, people use lemon in their water to cleanse their body. Lemon can be also used to freshen your breath and to lighten those blonde highlights in your hair.

I am very surprised that people do not use natural fruits and vegetables  as natural remedies instead of running to the drug store. Drug companies have made a profit off brainwahsing people into thinking there are no natural cures to everyday problems. That’s why I take time to research the many benefits fruits and vegatables can offer people. The earth holds secrets to natural cures and with so many different ways of research and information we should look for alternative ways to do things.

Next blog I will discuss the many benefits of some of these fruits and vegetables. Hopefully we can start to utilize these natural alternatives. Let me know what you think about natural remedies or anything that you do for natural cures. Hope this is helpful thanks.  Photo Credit 



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Defining What’s Important

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July 11, 2013 · 4:31 pm

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is important to your success let me give you some tips on getting started.  It super easy and not very time consuming at all. Before discovering this term “personal branding”, I didn’t know what it meant. However it is very important for people entering the professional world.  If you are considering any type of professional life I would suggest brand yourself with the type of content that makes you look the best. Here are a few things that I have learned that I feel are very important.

Know what you want to talk about. Deciding this first can help you tremendously when beginning to write. Start up a blog. Write content that promotes your brand. So for example if your brand is health you can write posts on physical, mental or emotion health. It is very important to stay within the realm of your specific topic. This helps to create a steady audience. Your audience is very important because it creates opportunities and connections you could not do alone.

The most important goal in personal branding besides choosing your content is maintaining the brand. Continuing to write, tweet and connect with other people is important in getting your brand noticed. We must consistently maintain our brands. Brands of large corporations are constantly upgrading their brands to reach more and more people.  So this is the idea behind why we must grow and redefine our brands regularly. Let me know what your ideas are on this topic are. I’ll love to hear them! Photo Credit

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Defining what’s important

Hi my name is Nailah and I’m talking about success, health, happiness and what’s important to each of us individually.

Defining what’s important. They say human beings change every 7 years. So every change we should begin to define what is important in your lives, so define what your success is. Is financial success important? It can determine how much money you make.  People with more money have access to resources, they have a voice, and they have the ability to define beauty just to name a few. Is family life important, your community, is education important. What is it that you care about? Or what matters in your life.

What is important to me has changed many times over the years and will for most of us. This is how I grow as a human being. Consistently evaluating and redefining myself and my goals. Health and happiness is important to me. There is a direct correlation between health, happiness and success.  People who are healthy and happy have higher self-esteem and are more successful in their personal and professional life. I first take care of me and make sure my goals and aspirations are met. There are many things I enjoy doing such as travel, community service, writing, spending time with family, meeting new people, amongst other things. Each of us should have something we love doing and should be able to define our success.  What do you think? Leave a comment and tell me what is important to you. Photo Credit

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July 7, 2013 · 11:42 pm

Product review heated eyelash curler

Many people love the look of long full eyelashes. Some people even get lash extensions put on to achieve this look. For people with thin and short eyelashes creating length and volume can be difficult.  Since fake lash extensions can damage your real lashes here is another way to achieve the look you want without too much pain and hassle.   

I want to share this product I came across while shopping that I didn’t even know existed until today. I discovered a heated eyelash curler.  It was about 6 or 7 dollars, really inexpensive and easy to use. It is supposed to curl your lashes. It is run by battery which goes directly into the wand of the curler. I bought it and took it home to try it out.

Before I did anything I watched a couple of product reviews on YouTube just to get an idea of how the curler works and how to use it.  Once I heated it and applied it to my lashes I noticed a huge difference in the length of my lashes. It gave my lashes a nice bump of curl and also tamed my lashes so that they all were straight and in order.

After applying the heated curler I followed up with my manual lash curler. This added to the volume and length of my lashes. I definitely liked the heated curler for that price. After going online I did realize that these curlers can ranged from 20 to 30 dollars at other places. This is quite expensive in my opinion for this product. I found mine at Wal-Mart for no more than 7 dollars.

Hey let me know what your opinion is on the heated curler, thanks.  Photo Credit    

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Nature’s Secret

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Hey did you know there are a few hidden secrets in your pantry to lighten or darken your hair? What about how to keep that grey hair gone for longer periods of time? Well let’s start with a few questions that some of us have. How do I lighten up blonde strikes? How do I deepen red tones? How do I make color last on grey hair? Here are a few tricks to try!

First, to lighten blonde hair, try adding lemon juice to your hair and let set in the sun for a while! Over time the hair will began to lighten. Deepening red tones is often done with coffee. Yes brewed black coffee can tone the color down or cover grey hair! Certain types of teas can also provide some results that you may want to try. Black China tea when applied with Henna can add gold highlights to light brown hair. Red Zinger tea can enrich those red tones. Apple cider vinegar can be applied to grey hair along with Henna to ensure a long lasting color stay!

Wonderful how foods we consume can also be used in natural beauty care. This can help shift people away from the store bought products that contain chemicals and additives that will surely damage your hair over a period of time. Natural products are always cheaper and can be used for more than one thing. Tell me about some the things you use in your natural regimen! Photo Credit

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Henna Product Review

Hey I just colored my hair again and this time I decided to try Henna. I have heard really good things about this product so finally decided to try it. I found it at Whole Foods in various different colors. As I was researching this unique hair color I found out that Henna is not only an all-natural hair color, but it is a conditioner as well. It seals the hair shaft giving a polished shine to the hair, which gives your hair body.  I was very surprised that I had not thought of using it sooner.

Henna comes from a flowering plant found in the Middle East, North Africa and West Asia. These shrubs are dried and ground up into a powder. The dye is used for hair dye, body art, and colored fabric. It contains no chemicals or additives and has been used for dying hair for 6,000 years.

Application is simple. All you do is pour the Henna powder into a bowl and mix a cup of boiling hot water into it and mix. The dye should become thick and creamy, if not add more hot water to it. Apply to the hair with rubber gloves to avoid staining your hands. The Henna should be applied to hair evenly and let set between 45-60 minutes with or without heat and depending on the color. Afterwards rinse with warm water then cold water; wash thoroughly. Henna does not light your hair and the dye will depend on the shade of your natural hair color! Let me know how you like the product and your experience, thanks! Photo Credit

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